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AI Powered Trading is the future

The ever expanding information and news in the market makes humans redundant in acting fast and it's time to let AI automatically trade for you

  • Our AI Bot is processing over 60 Gig of Data every hour to find trading opportunities
  • New era of investment is to use AI Robo Advisors for trading
  • S Smart Allocations and risk management techniques

Trade while you sleep

Join us today and experience how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence to do the hard job for you, no more sleepless nights behind trading charts and reading news and navigating all over internet to find or not miss trading opportunities, AI News Bots are working 24x7 at speed of light reading news from reputable websites and trading for you. So you won't miss any trading opportunity again.

  • Our News Bots are navigating latest of news articles, corporate fillings, twitters,etc.
  • Our patented news analysis engine calculates intelligent market sentiment from news .
  • AI News Bot will trade the opportunity for you.

AI Price Forecast Engine

We have developed proprietary AI quantitative engine that predicts the future price of equities based on inherit patterns that are in the price chart and they may be invisible to human eyes. Our Price Forecast Engine is capable of forecasting price and volatility movements in the market with high level of accuracy and feed the data into our AI trading bot to take advantage of the market opportunities.

  • Historical price analysis using AI
  • Fundamental Price Analysis using AI
  • Technical Price analysis using AI

How AI Trading Bot Works

We have developed AI model to forecast market using different layers of data, including Macro Economics, Fundamentals, Technicals and News

Macro Economic Data

Our Machine Learning models and Predictive AI Engine has access to latest Macro economic data as soon as they have been published, Our engine have been trained and backtested with historical information to get good estimation of the price impact when those macro variables change.

Corporate Reports

Our ML/AI models get access to corporate reports as soon as they become available to the public, We process those information via our proprietary algorithm to get better understanding of market movements for that particular stock an we feed this data into our trading engine

Fundamental Data & History

Our model takes into account fundamental data of the company, including announcements, filings, income statement, earnings, cashflow, etc to calculate the health of the company and its uses standard valuation model to estimate real value of the underlying asset.

Technical Data

We use latest ML/AI techniques on technical data to predict market direction

Market Sentiment

NewsBot analyses market sentiment by processing news and tweets relevant to particular stock

Risk Management

NewsBot estimate and manage portfolio risk and apply risk management techniques

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  • Up to $5k account balance
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  • Selected Stock Stocks
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Your next step with bigger account size

  • Selected US stocks
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  • Auto Risk Management
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HNIs, Funds and Enterprise Customers

  • Automatic Risk Management
  • Auto Portfolio Rebalancing
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  • Account size unlimited

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